The Idaho Review in 2014

The Idaho Review is thrilled to announce that Nicole Cullen’s short story, “Long Tom Lookout,” which appeared in our 2013 issue, has been selected for reprint in The Best American Short Stories 2014, edited by Jennifer Egan. Nicole Cullen earned her BA in English from Boise State in 2006. She received her MFA from the University of Texas at Austin, and just finished a Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford.


The 2014 issue of The Idaho Review is forthcoming and will feature stories and poetry by both acclaimed writers and new voices, including Ann Beattie, Joy Williams, Ron Carlson, Edith Pearlman, Robert Boswell, Rick Bass, Stephen Dixon, Mary O’Connell, Kali Fajardo-Anstine, John Kinsella, Daryl Jones, and James Harms. Also, the first place story of the 2014 Fiction Contest by Janet Peery will be appearing.


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Story of the Week

Eat the Shark

by Mark Jacobs

Bullet spent his first night on the island in somebody’s hammock. The backseat of the junked Toyota he found up a short, slanted alley would have sheltered him nicely, but a Trini with keep-out sunglasses and a map of Africa on his T-shirt had already staked it out. Recognizing the American as competition, he blew […]

Poem of the Week

Zoo Station

by James Harms

“It turns out you are the story of your childhood and you’re under constant revision . . .” –William Matthews   Call it the Berlin of childhood, the occupation marks, the cheese and real coffee you give away   until the pile of ash beneath a streetlight’s vague umbrella of light reconstitutes as bones   […]

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  • Upcoming Author Readings at Boise State University

    The MFA Reading Series at Boise State University will be hosting Benjamin Percy on April 24th and Jacqueline Mitchard on May 8th.