The Idaho Review in 2014

The Idaho Review is thrilled to announce that Nicole Cullen’s short story, “Long Tom Lookout,” which appeared in our 2013 issue, has been selected for reprint in The Best American Short Stories 2014, edited by Jennifer Egan. “How She Remembers It” by Rick Bass, also from the 2013 issue, will be appearing in The Pushcart Prize 2015. Congratulations to both these authors!

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The 2014 issue of The Idaho Review is now available for ordering and features stories and poetry by both acclaimed writers and new voices, including Ann Beattie, Joy Williams, Ron Carlson, Edith Pearlman, Robert Boswell, Rick Bass, Stephen Dixon, Mary O’Connell, Kali Fajardo-Anstine, John Kinsella, Daryl Jones, and James Harms, as well as the first place story of the 2014 Fiction Contest by Janet Peery.


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Story of the Week


by Rick Bass

It would be easy to say that he lured me into the fields of disrepair like Pan, calling out with his flute to come join in on the secret chaos of the world: but I already had my own disrepair within, and my own hungers, and I needed no flute call, no urging. I’ve read […]

Poem of the Week

To a Cheap Replica of the Head of Michelangelo’s David

by Debora Greger

Into the birdbath’s frozen mirror, you stare down a nose of red clay as if—past mossy five o’clock-shadow, your curls under snow— you can’t see someone just carved from marble, and stupid with it: that youth who stood, sling in one hand, stone in the other, at the end of a story he’d wandered into. […]

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  • Upcoming Author Readings at Boise State University

    The MFA Reading Series at Boise State University will be hosting Kent Nelson in September, winner of the 2014 Drue Heinz Literature Prize.