The Cull

The town is culling
Corellas—they sing
Too loud, shred the trees
Always gathering
Along the river, ring
On ring of Dante’s

Hell-hole. So, it frees
The townies’ souls—frees
Their sleep of limp dreams.
Early morning chorus
Prayers of broken glass,
Apart at the seams.

Now, twelve-gauge shot streams
Through the birds, blood steams
Like river slurry,
A little girl screams
And her mother deems
It necessary.

The dead—contrary
To dark clouds—hurry
Over the windrows
Lightly. A starry
Night marks their story.
White noise follows.

About John Kinsella:
John Kinsella’s most recent volumes of poetry are Peripheral Light: Selected and New Poems (W. W. Norton, 2003), Doppler Effect: Collected Experimental Poems (Salt, 2004), and The New Arcadia (W. W. Norton, 2005).